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Connect, Discover, Play, and Share. Your iPhone becomes even more powerful, and it's free.

Maestro enables you to access and manage your entire music library on your iPhone just like you were on your home computer and it's FREE! Listen to all of your music stored on the Maestro cloud, access even more music via the Maestro Connector, all while sending updates to friends and artists alike. Maestro connects you to everything from updates about people and artists you follow to events near you, Maestro does it all on the iPhone.
Already a Maestro user? Well that's easy. Just download the application and log in. With Maestro your music experience follows you wherever you go. Maestro for iPhone and iPod Touch puts all of your music and all of your interactions right at your fingertips. Maestro on the iPhone is fully integrated with Maestro on the web.

Maestro Sunburst mobile version now available:
  • Access your entire music library with the Maestro Connector
  • Play all your music from the Connector or Maestro Cloud
  • Search for Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists, Members, and Events
  • Access, create, and share any or all of your playlists
  • See what's going on in Maestro through your feeds
  • Discover new music from what your followers are listening to
  • Easily check for all of your recent plays
  • Check out artist bios and lyrics while listening
  • Find out what events are happening and when
  • Favorite Artists, Album, Song, Playlist or Member while listening
  • Connect with your followers