How it Works

Tired of all these limited music sites? You want access? You want to really connect? Are you ready for an interactive experience? Well, Maestro has what you need.
Access, manage, and interact with your entire central music library, whether stored on a Mac, PC, or gaming device, via any connected device on-demand. (Mobile devices are currently limited to the iPhone and Android, with others coming soon).
The first step to access and stream your music is to download the "Maestro Connector", and select where your music is stored. The Connector auto defaults to your iTunes folder, but you can choose another folder if you like. Maestro then quickly scans all your music and playlists meta-data and databases it in your online profile to access within minutes, not days. If you leave the Maestro Connector running at all times, behind the scenes of course, you can stream all of your songs on-demand. With Maestro's hybrid remote access and cloud platform, and depending on your account level, the music you play becomes accessible at all times, even if the Maestro Connector is temporarily disabled. Of course, we also enable you to upload your content directly to your cloud based storage. As you can see, Maestro is all about freedom of choice for the consumer.
All available music data such as album, artist, song, and concert information is aggregated and delivered to you way to create an entertaining and relevant user experience. And there is just so much more that we can't wait to show you, and even more exciting functionality coming to the stage later on. Just to let you know, you can sync your iTunes playlists with Maestro or create playlists both online and on your mobile device. You can socially connect with your friends and others on the Maestro network. Share your playlist info with your friends, so they can see how clever you are and compete to be on top of the charts. And don't forget to connect your Maestro experience to other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. At Maestro, stay connected to your music, connect with friends, identify friends with similar tastes, discover new music, and find yourself falling in love with music all over again! We've set out to change the way you experience music……

Connect Your Music

Seamlessly connect your personal media libraries between your home, online, and mobile worlds.

Maestro Connector

The Maestro Connector enables you to remotely access and stream all the music you have stored on your central media device.

Direct Upload to Cloud

You can also add songs directly to your library with the Manual Upload tool.

iTunes Sync

Sync your entire iTunes library and playlists with Maestro in minutes, not days and manage online.

File Format Agnostic

Maestro enables playback for your MP3s, WMAs, M4A, WAV, Ogg, & Flac. Files.

Listen And Learn

Discover what your friends are listening to, share music interests, and grow your music knowledge base.

Content Aggregation

Access profiles for the music you are listening to including artist info, photos, news, lyrics, and discographies.

Listen And Learn

Hear something you like? Discover from a friend, TV, or another social channel. Then purchase music and entertainment merchandise instantly within an interactive experience.

Share, Socialize, and Promote

Socialize with your music…….Share with your friends.

Enjoy the Complete Music Experience

Access your music, create custom playlists, explore your friend's music likes and dislikes, share playlist data with your friends, check out what's happening within your world of entertainment, news, events, and integrate within the top social networks, websites and blogs.