Getting Started

First, you need to provide just a little information to create an account. The next step is to connect your music library with your personal account by installing the Maestro Connector on the computer where your music is stored. The Maestro Connector will actually scan your music library and this all can be done in minutes. If you have an extra large music library this could take an hour, but it's not going to take days or weeks that's for sure. Next leave the Maestro Connector running and login to your Maestro account through any web browser or available mobile device to stream music directly from your library, create playlists, and interact with your media world. We are going to make this easy for you. Check out the video or follow the steps below:

1. Register and Create an Account

Click here to sign up.

2. Download and Install the Maestro Connector

Click here to get the Maestro Connector for Mac and Windows.
Once the download completes then install the Connector on your computer.

3. Scan your Music Library

After installation, open the Maestro Connector and click on Scan Music.
Maestro auto selects your iTunes Folder to Scan.
If you prefer select other folders where your music is located.
Click Scan or Choose method of Scanning.

4. Access your music from any Web browser or available Mobile Apps

After completing the Scan, open a web browser and login.
Navigate to Library and start playing music.
Navigate to Playlists to access and manage your playlists.
Create a new playlist and start adding songs to it from your music library.
Well now that you are set up to listen to your music and create playlists from anywhere, it's time for you to start exploring the rest of the site. There are a lot of things happening. Any questions, well we're here to answer.